We help our clients to meet their targets in each and every one of the stages of the building process, optimising time management and applying a large projects methodology.

We approach management based on a holistic vision which stretches from the initial planning stage and the administrative procedures with official bodies right up to the tendering of contractors and the management of the building construction process.

Technical Consultancy

The confidence and sense of clarity that come from our extensive experience will put you at ease in your decision-making process.

We undertake studies and reports for the development of urban land in addition to analysing the conservation status of existing buildings and their compliance with regulations.

Project & Constructions

Our aim is to create personalised spaces for every project based on a creative and flexible focus, identifying with the ethos and strategy of each company.

We work with new build projects and project management, renovations, conversions and everything else related to building and landscaping.

We are passionate about the design of exteriors and the way in which these work with their environment.


Building Information Modelling is a collaborative working methodology for the creation and management of a construction project. The aim of BIM is to centralise all of the details of the project in one digital information model created by all of its agents.   BIM marks a shift from traditional plan-based design systems as it incorporates geometrical information (3D), temporal information (4D), cost-based information (5D), environmental information (6D) and maintenance information (7D) within its model.   The application of BIM goes further than the design stages, also covering project execution and continuing throughout the life cycle of a building, facilitating management of the building and reducing operational costs.


The LEED system, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a means of categorising green buildings according to a classification standard developed by the US. Green Building Council. (USGBC) It consists of a series of guidelines regarding the use of strategies aimed at improving the sustainability of buildings of every kind. It is based on the incorporation of aspects relating to energy efficiency, the use of alternative energy sources, improving the quality of the internal environment, efficient water consumption, the sustainable development of open spaces on parcels of land and the selection of materials. It promotes the global adoption of environmentally-friendly and sustainable construction practices through universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria, representing the most widely recognised green building certification system on an international level.

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